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Sefakor: Two villages and one brave wind clan member join forces to defeat an evil wind clan warrior and her forces.

Price: 3 Ghana Cedis


A tall woman in a grey dress walked along a lonely forest path one sunny morning. Suddenly twenty bandits sprung out of the bushes around her. They stared as she ignored them and kept walking. One of them stepped into in her path and was quickly shoved into a tree.

The tree snapped and slowly falls to the ground, the unconscious bandit lying on top of it. Unafraid, the others unsheathed ahafo sekan and charged at her. She slammed her elbow into the face of one, felling her and evaded the swings of the others

She suddenly shot towards them, disarmed them with her left hand and struck them down with her right fist. She walked away from the fallen bandits and stepped out of the forest into a field of flowers. In the distance stood a large mountain, with a large krom (village) on top of it.

She walked past the krom gates, noticing the squeals of laughter from the children and the soft music of flutes filling the air. She then entered a large compound where a large grey hut stood. Inside, the air was heavy with thick incense.

A smiling old woman in large brown clothes greeted her warmly.

”Hello, Sefakor Mframa (Wind), it’s good to see you again.

Sefakor bowed her head slightly, ”Likewise, )hene (chief) Naba of Patuokrom (Village of Owls).


2. Supi Ami: The leader of ten asafo companies confronts a group of religious fanatics determined to ”save” her city.

Price: 5 Ghana Cedis


The time was 7:00 pm. The place was Akoo, a new nightclub in the city of Cape Coast, Ghana, where the attack had taken place. An attack that had left half burned bodies in its wake. The medical unit of the asafo companies was attending to the wounded.

Supi Ami, the eighty year old leader of the ten asafo companies in the city watched the closed circuit television footage again. It showed a woman dressed in the red and black garb of a priestess beat twenty people half to death with her cermonial staff. Then she set the club on fire, sealed the doors and left.

The look on her face sickened her. The priestess’ face showed no remorse, only pride in her actions.

‘So do you know her, Supi?’ a soft voice asked.

The voice belonged to her Supi edzikyir, Fafa. Young, overzealous and ruthless, she had dreams of becoming the Supi someday and making the asafo as powerful as they were in the old days. Ami had made it her personal mission to keep an eye on her.

‘Priestess Nayele. She’s the leader of a new group of priestesses that have decided to cleanse this city of sin.’

‘So that’s the reason she nearly burnt the club down.’

‘Fire acts as a sort of cleaning agent in most religions. In the past, when someone committed suicide, they burnt the person’s hut down as an act of purifying the area.’

Fafa shrugged. ‘From the reports I heard about this place, the drunken fights, the gambling, and at times downright indecent acts, I’ll say she nearly purified this place’.

‘Wow’ Ami said drily to herself, ‘What a wonderful Supi she would make.’

Ami briskly left the room to get some fresh air and froze. Across the street, where the people had gathered to stare at the nightclub, Nayele stared directly at her. Then she slowly turned around and began to walk away.

Ami gave chase, shoving the people aside as Nayele began to walk faster, heading straight into one of the city’s parks. Ami followed her in and paused. The asafo were still a long way off from catching up to her. Nayele stood in the middle of the park, waiting.

Ami approached her carefully, watching her surroundings for any signs of other priestesses. None. She drew out her afena and assumed an offensive stance. ‘Nayele, in the name of customary law, you are under arrest.’

Nayele sunk into an offensive stance and lunged at the Supi with her staff. The Supi sidestepped the attack, sliced the staff in half and struck her face with the hilt of her afena.

Nayele sunk to her knees and Ami shoved her face into the dirt, binding her with a traditional set of chains. Fafa reached the spot where the priestess lay and helped Ami escort her to the first asafo company, where they bound her with more restraints and marched her to the chief’s palace.

As they marched to the entrance, Nayele flashed Ami a brief smile before being herded into a large efiase (prison) on the palace’s premises.

‘What’s she so happy about?’ wondered Fafa.

‘Nothing good’. Triple the guard. Keep her away from the chief’s court.’’

At midnight, )henemaaHawa, the first albino in a long line of chiefs, listened quietly to Ami for thirty minutes. ‘You think she’s here to kill me?’

‘It’s a likely scenario. Showing her face shortly after committing a heinous crime, attacking me without any backup, knowing fully here she would be brought here to face your swift judgement. I humbly suggest you allow me to keep her detained for over 72 hours’.

‘That’s against the law’.

‘An exception can be made in her case. We think they may come for you because of your condition.’

Hawa smiled faintly. ‘Nayele’s priestesses will not attack me because of my looks. They think I have failed the ancestors in making too many modern changes or at least allowing them to take place. Maybe they are right. Maybe all these changes have been too great, leaving the people’s traditional sense of confidence and purpose shaken.’

‘You’ve done your best’ insisted Ami. ‘You’ve purged the asafo’s ranks of deviants like Nayele and her ilk, as well as the state executioners. We now have modified customs to improve people’s sense of worth, regardless of gender or tribe.


‘You are a role model, my chief’ concluded Ami. ‘No harm will come to you, not while I’m alive.’

Deep in the heart of a large sacred grove, ten priestesses armed themselves with machetes and arrows. A grey haired priestess watched them quietly. They knelt before her and she touched each of their heads.

‘Go in peace, my children.

‘Yes, High Priestess )konore’ they roared in chorus.

The attack began at 2:00 pm. The other asafo, those lucky enough to be minimally injured would say it had been nightmarish. One minute, they had been lying on their raffia mats, the next minute a priestess was in their sleeping huts.

Unprepared, and terrified, each asafo company struggled to fight against a priestess who was in their hut, beating them half to death. In the first company’s sleeping hut, Ami planted her sandaled foot on the intruder’s face, felling her. She ordered her asafo to spread out, help the other companies and watch for other intruders.

In the second Asafo Company’s hut, the asafo watched in horror as Fafa repeatedly punched the falling intruder, her lips twisted in a macabre grin. Eventually two other asafo gathered the courage to pull her away from the priestess.


3. Takashi: An asafo, a lumei, a Hausa boxer and a Builsa warrior come together to form the neighbourhood watch, Takashi. They are soon targeted by a deadly band of warriors, known only as Kimm.

Price: 8 Ghana Cedis.

Preview Chapter:

The attack at the restaurant was swift. Five masked women carrying guns stormed into the eatery, demanded cash and left just as quickly. They got into the getaway car and were about to leave when five arrows struck the bonnet of their car.

Shocked, the robbers got out of their car, guns at the ready. Suddenly a figure in the red battledress of the asafo landed on the roof of their car and, in one swing of her afonanta, slashed their guns into pieces!

A figure in a white top and shorts of the lumei (masters of the Abotri Ke Tahuumo martial art) leapt towards two of them, striking them down with her fists. One of the robbers swung at her with a metal pipe but a Builsa warrior wearing a horned helmet lunged at her, her knee smashing into her face, felling her.

The fourth robber took to her heels but a fist wrapped in a thick cloth and chains punched her to the ground. A tall, dark Hausa boxer stepped out of the shadows. The asafo slashes through the roof of the car with her afonanta (machete like blade) and took the bag containing the cash.

She tossed the bag containing the cash to the owner of the restaurant.

‘’Who are you people?’’ she asked.

‘’Takashi. The neighbourhood watch in these parts.’’ replied the Builsa warrior as she walked away with the others.

As they walked down an alley, the clouds blocked out the moon. The women suddenly felt an ominous prescence and sunk into offensive stances as several women in dark wardresses landed around them. The tallest one among them, a tall, woman with a shaven head and dark piercing eyes raised her afonanta.

”)brafo) (Executioner) squad, kill them all!” she roared.


4. Tohajie: The Red Hunter confronts a royal python blocking his people from gaining access to a well.

Price: 1 Ghana Cedi.


On a hot Monday morning, two figures faced each other in the centre of the Mole Dagbani settlement. One of them was Tohajie, known as the Red Hunter, because of his fair complexion and his hunting prowess. His opponent was a large royal python, coiled next to the only available well.


5. Wurafo): The leader of an elite combat unit soon realizes that all is not what it seems when she is sent on a deadly mission.

Price: 4 Ghana Cedis

Preview Chapter:

It began slowly at first in the year 2050. A few riots at schools, then markets, then even banks. The message at each venue was the same ”Destroy the system, let anarchy reign”. The messengers hacked the TV and radio station feeds and got their message out. They called themselves the Sha and they claimed that it was their duty to set Ghana free. In three weeks, a state of emergency was declared across the country as more reports came in about the growing number of Sha recruits.

Desperate, the police, navy, military and intelligence heads held a short brief meeting. The outcome was to combine their forces to create a squad, with one purpose; Stop the Sha. The squad was called the Wurafo) (Masters) and one cold Monday, they were given their first mission.

An attack helicopter flew over a large city. Inside, several women in the blue and white uniforms of the Wurafo) loaded their guns. Their leader, an old woman with a shock of white hair stood in the middle of the craft and addressed them.

”Alright, ladies, we’ve located their transmission tower in Naca .We destroy it, take down as many as we can and leave. ” said their leader.

In the houses below them, several women and men, armed to the teeth, watched the metal bird in the sky with powerful binoculars. One of them, a woman with the tattoo of a scorpion on her right arm, removed a small control device from her pocket. She extended an antenna tip from it and waited for the helicopter to reach an abandoned stadium before pressing a red button.

Inside the aircraft, its pilot, Kumaa frantically pressed buttons and levers as the control panel suddenly went dead. The aircraft began to spiral downwards, in the direction of the stadium.

”What’s happening, Kumaa?” yelled the Wurafo) leader.

”Some sort of electrical interference, Wura Awagra!”

She turned to face the Wurafo), her eyes fearful, ” Brace yourself for impact!”

The helicopter crashed into the empty stadium stands, the impact sending slabs of concrete into the air. A thick, dusty wind swept across the stadium from the craft. The woman with the scorpion tattoo led her forces into the stadium minutes later as the dust began to settle. They reached the fallen craft.

One of the women looked at her, ”Should we check for survivors, Del?”

Del pulled out a weapon that resembled a pistol from a holster on her belt, aimed it at the aircraft and fired. A bolt of electricity snaked out of the barrel and struck the craft, blasting it into a million pieces. Quietly, blue energy shields shimmered in front of the army, defending them from the flames and the debris of the destroyed craft.

Del addressed the group, ”Alright, my fellow Sha. I’m fairly certain that they did not survive the crash, but just in case they’re still around, search the stadium. Now!”

The Sha began to spread out, checking the stands one after the other. None of them noticed the gate to the stands slide shut. Outside the stadium, the Wurafo) wearily reached an abandoned mall before collapsing outside it’s doors.

”We should abort the mission” said Kumaa wearily. ”They’re too well equipped, we’ll try again later.”

”No!” Awagra snapped. We find the transmission tower, destroy it and defeat the Sha. We can do this!”

Kumaa pulled her gun on Awagra and gestured to her teammates, ”They’re wounded. You are clearly delusional. So here’s what’s going to happen. We will leave but you can stay if you like, Rambo.”

Gingerly, the Wurafo) led by Awagra headed for the city gates. They stayed in the shadows whenever they heard a patrol car rolling by and kept walking. To their horror, the exits had been sealed shut and are guarded by dozens of Sha. Suddenly a patrol car screeched to a halt in front of them. The Sha disembarked, took aim at the defenceless Wurafo) and fired.

In the centre of Axim stood a tall, metallic, gray building. This was the Wurafo) headquarters. On the top floor, in a blue and white room, a woman in the overcoat of Wura Kese (Grand Master) spoke on her mobile phone.

”Any word from the Wurafo)?” she asked.

”None, Abiola. Should we proceed to unleash the Atemunsut) (Rain of Judgement)?” the voice at the end of the line asked.

”Do it”. I would have authourised it even if they had succeeded”.

High above the earth, a cluster of metal satellites slowly crumbled into a million pieces. Pieces that then hurtled towards the earth at breakneck speed.

Awagra tore through a long metal corridor, pausing once in a while to fire at the Sha behind her. Five Sha hit the ground hard but more follow, bolts of electricity flying from their gun barrels. She turned to fire at six of them, hitting them in the chest. She squeezed the trigger for a seventh shot but nothing happened. The Sha rushed forward, more confident now that their prey was out of bullets. She hid behind a wall, wrapped her watch around the empty gun and flung it in their direction.



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