Story collections!

Hello, there! I’m Nana Kwame Antwi Boasiako.Here are a collection of my short stories ranging from science fiction to fantasy based in Ghana.

  1. )komfo Ko (Warpriestesses), )man Du (Ten Kingdoms) ne Ahafo (Hunters).
  • )komfo Ko :Three powerful )komfo ko do battle against the Nik, dead warriors deemed to be too evil to enter the ancestral haven. It will take all their ancestral gifts to defeat them and protect the living from their fury!
  • )man Du: Ten kingdoms in the land of Ana must join forces to defeat the Dompe Yiwan (Bone Blade) army, hellbent on destroying them. Will they succeed or will they be completely wiped off the face of Ana?
  • Ahafo: A time travelling duo must defeat the forces of an alien race that wipes out civilizations from existence. To succeed, they must drastically change their past to protect their future. Will they wipe out the Rei or will they, like true heroes, find a better way.
  • 2. Akyeaa, Akyeabea ne Asafo Kuo.


  • Akyeaa: The village nkunimdifo) (champion) Akyeaa has been trained by the elders to defeat any threat to the village, whether it’s an army or a pack of kakai (monsters). She soon faces two ancient evils that may be too powerful for her to handle.
  • Akyeabea: A mechanic is targeted by a dangerous woman and her fanatic followers, devoted to carrying out her every whim. However not everything is as it seems in this dark tale of immortality and cloning. Will she end up as another victim of the mad Soyoukor’s ambition?
  • Asafo Kuo: Five schoolgirls are trained to hunt down and slay kakai. It is a noble tradition passed down from one asafo club to the next. They are the only defence against dangerous kakai clans and their school. For them, failure is not an option.



3. Baaba, Efa Gue Kurow( Efa, destroyer of kingdoms) ne Feok.


  • Baaba: An expert in transdimensional physics is recruited by the Sunyani Asafo to end the decades long war between them and the )botan kakai (rock monsters). Failure will mean the complete annihilation of the human race by the interdimensional kakai!
  • Efa Gue Kurow (Efa, destroyer of kingdoms): In a dark age where kakai kingdoms terrorise humans, one woman goes on a solo campaign to wipe them out and be a true champion of humanity. Her name is Efa and this is her story.
  • Feok: A powerful story based on the heroic deeds of the Builsa warriors. When Samori and Babatu warriors encounter their settlement, they are soundly defeated by them. This victory comes to be celebrated as the Feok festival!

4. Gani, Ihi ne Soroakuma (Ihi and the skyaxe) ne Korkor


  • Gani: In a distant future, space mining is booming. Human mechanics called fixers repair large mining robots for a fee. One fixer called Konibaa is attacked by the Rak on the planet Gani .She is rescued by an anti-Rak force and joins their campaign.
  • Ihi ne Soroakuma (Ihi and the skyaxe): A young man is brought back from the brink of death by a mysterious lightning bolt. He soon faces off against the sakraman kakai (wolf monster) clan with the aid of the ancestral soroakuma (skyaxe).
  • Korkor: A young disc jockey willingly joins a club of lumei (Abotri Ke Tahuumo masters) set up to track down and defeat the Kla, a deadly band of assassins. She soon discovers that the Kla are more dangerous than she originally thought.



5. Naa, Nii ne Sefakor


  • Naa: A Shipi (Asafo Bii Captain) is given the task of tracking down the Kla, a band of rogue lumei (masters of Abotri Ke Tahuumo) and bringing them to justice.
  • Nii: A recently laid-off bank worker joins the Asafo Bii to defeat an evil royal intent on waging war against her sister. It is a fight that will pit him against the last members of the Kla, an elite group of assassins.
  • Sefakor: A brave member of the Mframa (wind) clan joins forces with a vengeful warrior and a noble chief to defeat a powerful member of her clan and take back an innocent village.

6. Nyansakrom: An asafo, an abrewanana (sage) and her new osuani join forces to defeat Tumi, an evil shadow society desperate to rule Nyansakrom (the village of wisdom). With three mbrewanananom (sages) making up its leadership, can they succeed?

7. Saadakrom ne Supi Ami

  • Saadakrom: A young farmer is forced to flee her village at a young age. She becomes the founder of a new village that is considered to be a haven for outcasts and the less fortunate. However forces from within the village threaten to corrupt it.
  • Supi Ami: An old Supi, leader of the ten asafo companies, in Cape Coast confronts a deadly band of war priestesses dedicated to seizing power from the royal family.
  • 8. Takashi, Tohajie ne Wurafo)


  • Takashi: A neighbourhood watch consisting of martial artists is hunted by a deadly band of warriors known as Kimm, intent on wiping them out. Takashi must fight to survive and to protect their city.
  • Tohajie: This is based on one of the many myths surrounding Tohajie, the Red Hunter. In this tale, he must defeat a python that lives near one of the few wells in his town.
  • Wurafo): In a distant future, an elite unit of soldiers is set up to defeat an armed anarchist group known as the Sha. They soon discover the shocking origins of the Sha and the nature of their deadly weapons. Failing in their mission could destroy the country itself!

9. Asafo Safo ne Bruwaakrom


  • Asafo Safo: This is the awesome tale of Safo, a man seeking to become an asafo. He is trained in the art of hand to hand combat by the mighty Amoawa and trained in swordplay by Asafoakyere Takyiwaa, the best sword fighter in the village. But will all of this be enough to defeat the powerful enemies he will face?
  • Bruwaakrom: A powerful ruler defeats foreign invaders one hundred times from the gates of her home. A band of deadly assassins are hired to kill the leadership of the village but will they succeed where others have failed?


All stories go for the low price of two Ghana cedis. Simply send an email request for them to and a copy will be sent to you. Payment can be made by mobile money using my number 0200753446. It’s that simple!


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