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  1. )komfo Ko (Warpriestesses): When the Nik, dead warriors denied access to the ancestral haven go on a rampage in Takoradze, three )komfo Ko step up to take them down.

Price: 3 Ghana Cedis.

Preview chapter:

The sun was shining that day in the Takoradi Business District. People were rushing to work in their vehicles and others walked along the pavements leisurely. Suddenly the ground began to shake and large cracks open up along the roads and pavements.

Cars slammed into each other and people scrambled for shelter. Red clawed hands shot out of the cracks and then one by one, red, brawny figures, known as the Nik, rose to the surface. They wielded serrated swords and their blood-red eyes scanned the horrified populace.

One of them dashed towards a terrified young boy and swung its akodze (weapon) at him. Suddenly the boy vanished in a flash of blue light. The sword struck the ground, where the boy had stood seconds ago. The creature growled as one by one, the entire populace vanished in flashes of blue light.

A large combat boot stomped the ground behind the creature. It spun around and glared at Pimaa, a dark tall teenager with braided hair, wearing a large T-shirt and baggy jeans.


2. )man Du (Ten kingdoms): Ten kingdoms unite to defeat the Owuo Ahintanimfo) (Deathmasks), an ancient army of death.

Price: 4 Ghana Cedis.

Preview Chapter:

In the great land of Ana were ten )man which were in perfect harmony with each other. )man Bo was the oldest one and the other nine )man were believed to have emerged from it. It was ruled by Asa, an abrewanana (sage) who had encouraged the nine )man’s formation. It was rich in gold dust and everyone knew one form of battle art or another.

One cold night, as Asa meditated on a raffia mat in her garden, a woman dressed in blue clothing flung open the garden gates. Asa sensed her fear and rose from her mat.

“What frightens you, Fim?”

Fim inhaled deeply and wiped sweat from her brow, ”My squad were on patrol this afternoon when we spotted the Owuo Ahintanimfo) (Deathmasks) heading towards )man De.”

Asa walked past Fim and stared at the night sky in silence. The Owuo Ahintanimfo) were considered to be warriors of death. They had been known to destroy entire villages on a whim. Asa thought that they were a myth. She had clearly been wrong.

She turned back to Fim, ”How many were there?”


)man De had been split into two territories due to a long feud between two sisters of the royal family. A wall separated both sides. Asa realised that an attack on such a divided )man would be swift and brutal and that thousands would die unless the two sides of the )man were united.

”We’ll go to them, Fim. Prepare the warzebras and assemble the warriors. We ride out at once!”

The gates of )man Bo were flung open as a thousand Bo warriors rode out  on warzebras towards )man De, led by Asa.

No-one really remembered what the dispute between the royals of De was but they knew that it had lasted fifteen long years. The hatred between Lower De and Higher De burned as strong as ever. Lower De was led by Ba of the ekumapraban (long handled axe) and Higher De was led by Du of the afowatsena (triple bladed sword).

That night, the wall had been torn down and torches lit up the night as the armies of Ba and Du prepared for a final confrontation amidst it’s ruins. Unaware of the army of death that were heading for them, both rulers raised their akodze to the sky, signaling an order to charge.

The two armies charged towards each other with loud warcries. Ekumaprabans clashed with afowatsenas. Axe heads were broken and blades were sliced apart. One by one, Ba’s forces struck down their enemies with the flat ends of their weapons.

Ba and Du swung at each other fiercely; the clash of their akodze drawing sparks. Ba struck Du’s belly with the end of her akodze’s handle and struck her face with the flat end of her axehead. Du hit the ground hard and as Ba swung the ekumapraban down on her, she caught the axe head with both hands.

Ba struggled to bring the blade down on Du, who also struggled to keep the blade inches away from her face. Suddenly an arrow flitted through the air and struck the wooden handle of the akodze, tearing it apart. Both armies made way for Asa’s army as they rode up to the leaders.

Asa put down her bow and addressed them, ”Ba of the Ekumapraban and Du of the Afowatsena. The Owuo Ahintanimfo) are heading here right now! Unite now or there will be nothing left for either of you today!

”The Owuo Ahintanimfo) aren’t real’’ Ba scoffed.

Suddenly the sound of thousands of boots stomping the ground echoed throughout the village, followed by loud war cries.

Du rose to her feet, ”They’ve got us surrounded. I will defend the northern path. Ba, you will take them on at the southern path and you Bo warriors will defend the western and eastern paths.”

”Fight with all your might!” Asa ordered her warriors. ”Show no fear!”

The common folk of )man De were led into an underground network of tunnels as warriors in red and black masks and garments tore through the gates, wielding several bone akodze. They charged at the forces of Bo and De from all four paths.


3. Akyeaa: A village champion confronts two ancient  abominations  that could destroy her world.

Price: 8 Ghana Cedis.

Preview chapter:

A village champion. A single individual trained to protect her or his village from any attack. This nkunimdifo) (village champion) was usually trained by the village elders. All previous nkunimdifo) became legends, chief among them being Efa Gue Kurow (Destroyer of nations). Kakai (monster) nations , to be more exact.

In modern times, only one true village champion remained. She resided in the village of Ankonamkrom (the village of loneliness), a village that had deliberately isolated itself from the rest of the world. Convinced that the outside world would fall into chaos.

On a cold, Monday evening, the tall, dark, nkunimdifo) was hard at work in a white jacket, white trousers, white flying tie and white shoes. Pounding a kakai into the ground until it lay very still.

She cast a wary glance at the furry kakai that had accompanied the dead kakai. It looked unconcerned.

‘Odd. I thought you kakai types liked to stick together.’ she commented.

‘Not from my tribe’ it growled.

Without warning, she sprung towards the kakai, punching it to dust. Suddenly she heard light footsteps across the forest floor.

‘I’m surprised that you were able to kill the furry one, Akyeaa’ said a dark, short, white haired woman in a red suit, trousers and tie.’

‘Excuse me old one, but who are you?’

‘Komfo (Priestess) Fosuaa, at your service’

Akyeaa stared at her face, then her clothes, then her face again.

‘Are you sure you’re a priestess?”

‘Why, because I’m not wearing a raffia skirt, black facepaint, hopping on one foot and ululating wildly?’

‘Well……..not exactly……….’

Fosuaa sighed. ‘You’ve been watching too many juju (black magic) home videos. That’s a harmful stereotype. I’m here to provide guidance, companionship….’

‘And ensure that I don’t turn evil and wreck this village in one night?’.

‘Correct.’ smiled Fosuaa.

‘You were talking about the furry one?’ asked Akyeaa as the two of them walked back to the village.

‘Yes, according to traditional folklore, it can only be destroyed when it’s name is said?”

‘Like Rumpelstiltskin,huh. ‘ Akyeaa shrugged. ‘Well I guess beating it to a pulp works too.’


4. Akyeabea: A young mechanic is targeted by a shadowy organization, led by a woman who is closer to her than she  realizes.

Price: 3 Ghana Cedis.

Preview Chapter:

In a brightly lit garage, a young mechanic worked on a hover cycle. Her name was Akyeabea and her mind was already filled with the images of hover cycles and hover cars flitting to and fro above every road in Ghana.

In the corner of the room, a small red mechanical spider watched her. The image was transmitted to several monitors in a dark room beneath the earth. Two women watched the mechanic at work with interest. One wore a veil over her face and stood next to an older woman who was seated. The old lady stretched out her palm and the veiled one put three yellow pills in them.

They were swallowed at once, followed by a contented sigh,

‘’Ti, go with my best converts and bring my daughter to me at once for the operation.’’

‘’Yes, Mother Superior. I’ll make sure that your new body is brought back here unharmed’’.

Back at the garage, Akyeabea dusted off her blue overalls and pressed a red button on the cycle. It silently rose from the ground until it hovered just above her knees on a cushion of air.


Suddenly the garage door was blown off its hinges and the attendant walked in with four women in white suits.

‘’Seize her’’

They rushed at her from all sides. Akyeabea struck one on the left with her spanner, felling her. Another began to pull out a dart gun but she gripped the barrel and kicked the wielder into the hover cycle. A third assailant aimed the pistol at her back but was quickly disarmed when Akyeabea flung a spanner at her gun hand.

She tackled her assailant to the ground. The fourth woman drew out an ahafo sekan (hunting knife) from a b)ha (scabbard) on her belt.

‘’What are you doing?” Ti hissed. ‘’You’re supposed to bring her in unharmed”.

The fourth lunged at her, blade swinging. Akyeabea sidestepped the attack, gripped her face and slammed her headfirst into the floor. The mechanic took a deep breath and turned to face Ti.

‘’Who are you?’’ Akyeabea demanded.

‘’A woman trying to help her dear mother’’ Ti replied softly.

Akyeabea stared at her, puzzled. Ti pressed a button on her belt. The tiny mechanical spider jumped from the corner of the wall and landed on the back of Akyeabea’s neck. She felt a tiny pinprick and then the room seemed to swim around her before everything went black. Akyeabea fell towards the floor but Ti caught her in time.





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