The real )komfo Ko (Warpriestesses) and preview chapters coming soon!

The )komfo Ko  in the story “)komfo Ko” were obviously very different from the posers in Supi Ami. They represented what priestesses’ were supposed to be: brave, heroic and able to wipe out evil horde armies.

They were partly inspired by the tales of real life priests.  They include but are not limited to the three priests who led the Fantse tribe to their present location, namely Obunumankoma, Odapagyan and )son. Then there’s )komfo Anokye, who helped to unify the Asante people.

While their supernatural abilities are disputed, the ones in my story need it to battle the forces of evil, in this case, a horde of evil, dead warriors denied entry into the ancestral haven. When they take out their anger on the city of Takoradze, the )komfo Ko stand up to take them out.

On a side note, look out for preview chapters from each of my stories on this site. Peace!!


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