The martial art, Abotri Ke Tahuumo.

The lumei are basically the masters of the Ga martial art, Abotri Ke Tahuumo.  It is the expression of self-protection and offensive warfare. It is divided into two parts, Abotri and Tahuumo.

Abotri is the art of complex close quarter combat infused with grappling and ground fighting (Use of handstands and somersaults).

Tahuumo deals with warfare.

It comprises of the following arts:

Akotoku (Atwele Nomo): Empty-handed combat almost restricted to the use of the fist and it’s supporting arsenals. (Practiced by most Ghanaian boxers)

Intia Shomo: The art of complex kicking and feet attacks.

Mim Dzee: The art of evasion.

Kwasafo Nomo and Asafo Atwele: The art of free expression and multi-partner combat during strategic warfare.

Asafo Ke Tahuumo: The art of combat in a trance-like state (Slightly modified to be a healing technique in the ebook, ”Takashi).

Adzenlekulu: The acrobatic arts.

Ataalai Gbanoo: The art of cartwheeling.

Gbobi hava: The art of reconnaissance and hunting.

Kakla ke klante Nomo: The art of bladed weapon combat.

You can get more details from a facebook page about this art and a short video on youtube.




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