New books (4)

Lumei: This is the two-part tale of lumei, masters of the martial art Abotri Ke Tahuumo, in two different time periods.

Price: 4 Ghana Cedis.


Nii: A laid off worker joins the Asafo Bii on a deadly mission.

Price: 2 Ghana Cedis.


Nyansakrom: A veteran asafo, an abrewanana (sage) and her osuani must defend their village against the forces of a deadly, secret society.

Price: 12 Ghana Cedis.


Sefakor: An Mframa kuo (wind clan) member stands up to an evil wind clan warrior and her forces.

Price: 3 Ghana Cedis.


Supi Ami: An old Supi (head of all asafo companies) is faced with the task of protecting Cape Coast from a band of religious fanatics.

Price: 5 Ghana Cedis.


Takashi: A five woman neighbourhood watch do battle with a band of warriors who want to take the city of Koforidua by force.

Price: 8 Ghana Cedis.


Tohajie: A short flash fiction about the Red Hunter, leader of his people and his fight with a python.

Price : 1 Ghana Cedi.


Wurafo): An elite soldier soon  finds that there is more than one side to evil during a hellish mission.

Price: 4 Ghana Cedis.


This marks the end of the list of books. Now all you have to do is:

  1. Send an email requesting a copy of your preferred ebook to
  2. The copy will then be sent to your mail.
  3. Make payment using Vodafone Cash, through the number 0200753446. The name is Nana Kwame Antwi-Boasiako.  It’s that simple!



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